Video Leaked of PlayStation Phone! Now Called the Sony Ericsson Z1 [PS Phone]

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone Video

Remember the Sony Ericsson’s gaming move on android, the PlayStation Phone codenamed as Zeus?

Well, nothing official to tell you, but we just saw the device in the just leaked out video, showcasing it running the upcoming android OS version 2.3, the Gingerbread. Yes, it’s the very same device we saw recently running Froyo, leading to speculation that it might not launch with upcoming the Gingerbread. But now that we’ve seen it running Gingerbread, we think it will be definitely launching with android 2.3 on board. We know you’re very glad to hear this, so are we.

We can make out at least this from the video — a very responsive and not-lagging-at-all interface, X10’s design and android 2.3 with blue color painted all over the UI.

Also being said is the new name of the device, the Sony Ericsson Z1 — the Z stands very much for Zeus, or say Zeus series. Well, it couldn’t get better for us die-hard gamers to start a new year with an android phone cum PlayStation device, so we’re very very eager to get a word from Sony about the release dates and places and all that. And we do hope that Sony’s quietly working to bring its very famous and beloved PS gaming titles to this android machine too. Think of the metal Gear Solid, God Of War, Gran Turismo, etc etc on a 4 inch device with 8 MP camera and running Gingerbread, awesome!

Well, Santa, if you’re hearing, you must know by now what we want this Christmas. About Nexus S, we can simply wait!

BTW, now that we’ve seen android 2.3 on one of the Sony Ericsson’s device, it’s safe to wager that other phones — esp the Sony Ericsson Anju, also called the SE X12 — will also be getting the Gingerbread taste right from the launch. We would love to not be dependent on Sony’s software update team for android updates, after witnessing SE X10 suffer so much in that department.

Now, do you think the earlier rumors of the PSP phone launching on or at least announcing on Dec 9 are true?

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