Verizon now supports Google Play purchases, gets you “Bill my Verizon Wireless Account” in payment options

Verizon has finally started allowing customers to make purchases on the Google Play Store by paying via their Verizon account, something which they earlier said would be possible soon. Verizon customers will find a new “Bill my Verizon Wireless Account” option in the payment methods screen on the Play Store on their devices.

The new payment option will start appearing on Verizon customers’ devices automatically. There is supposed to be a limit of $25 for every billing cycle, which does limit the amount of apps people will be able to buy, but for those without access to a credit card, something is still better than nothing.

So go ahead, purchasing those apps that you’ve always had your eyes on but haven’t been able to buy yet are now within your grasp. Now let us hope Google adds carrier billing for more carriers soon.