Upcoming Pixel phones could get an Always-On Display mode

Google Pixel 2

The next-gen Google Pixel phones could reportedly get an always-on display which can currently be seen on Samsung’s Galaxy S line (S7 and above) and some of the Motorola phones.

Folks at XDA Developers have dug through the code of Android O’s third developer preview build to find references of an always-on display. To be more specific, they have decompiled the SystemUIGoogle.apk file to find the following code:

Always-on display

XDA Developers claim that “doze” in the above code is actually an internal name for the Ambient Display and that it shouldn’t be confused with the power saving doze mode which Goggle introduced a couple of years ago with the Android Marshmallow.

That said, this feature may or may not make it to the final version since the code shown above is located in Android’s hidden SystemUI Tuner menu.

What do you think about this neat feature? Do you think Google should add it to the upcoming Pixel phones? Drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts on it.

Source: XDA Developers 

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