Twice Heardle: Where and How to Play, Rules, Tips and More

Heardle is to music game enthusiasts what Wordle is to word game lovers. Heardle is perhaps the one Wordle variant that has developed into an entirely independent community engendering offshoots of its own. The variations of Heardle are numerous and broad enough to be further subgrouped into categories like K-pop heardle.

You might already be familiar with some of the popular K-pop-based Heardles, but this post is especially for all the Once out there. That’s right! There is a new Twice Heardle in town and here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Twice Heardle?

Twice Heardle is a Heardle spin-off created by the girl group’s Twitter fan “Twice Flies”. The premise of the game is to solve a daily music-based challenge, exclusively based on Twice’s tantalizing discography in 6 attempts. If you have already played any Heardle challenge before, the founding principles of the game are exactly the same. 

Like on Heardle, Twice Heardle hands out clues in the form of rationed seconds from a total of 16-second duration of the intro of any random Twice song; for a die-hard Once, figuring out the song is only a matter of time (maybe even in the first attempt!). And that is exactly why Heardle is the game to push for the superfan badge by trying to complete the challenge with the minimal quantum of music hints required.

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Where to play Twice Headle?

Twice Heardle is a music game that came about as a Glitch! fan clone of the Heardle game and it is completely web-based and free. You can play it online on any web browser or any supported device like a smartphone, smart TV, or Desktop/PC.

As it is a daily challenge, you can play it only once a day. The game resets for everyone at 12 AM local time whereupon a new universal Twice Heardle challenge immediately gets unveiled for the players.

How to play Twice Heardle

If you are new to the Heardle universe, then the new layout and completely unfamiliar hint-system and gameplay might seem baffling. But, really it is not. Just to make things easier, we have broken down the gameplay (and an awesome cheat) below.

1. Collect the trickling seconds

On Twice Heardle, the hints are handed down in the form of rationed seconds.Since the goal is to complete the challenge in fewer attempts, if you cannot guess the song using the free (opening 1-second) hint or even the first hint, replay the available seconds to see if you can hum out a progressing Twice song tune.

Twice Heardle also allows you to skip a guess like on Heardle instead of making a blind, wrong guess. if you haven’t made any mental progress on the mystery song, then it is better to skip a guess to collect more seconds,

2. Use the search bar

If you find the song intro familiar yet escaping your grasp, then try toying with the search bar for some clues. Here’s how you do it.

Enter a letter or word in the search bar; as a result, you will see several auto-populated results based on your keywords. Sometimes, a word or song title could jog your memory of that evading Twice song just like that.

3. Twice discography unlocked

The song list for the game is based on all songs the girl group has ever released in Korean, English, and Japanese. So, when you make your guesses, do not limit it to any one language but bring all of Twice’s multinational hit-making prowess into purview.

4. Cheat your way out

Now, consider this as the last resort when you just do not want to surrender your title as a die-hard Once. If the mystery song of the day turns out to be one you can not figure out on your own, go ahead and bring out Shazam music discovery app. As one of the hottest k-pop groups, Shazam should have at least most (if not all) of the Twice songs under its library.

Allow Shazam to listen to the music bites and run it against its library to solve the challenge for you. Yes, we agree, it is no fun if you try to cheat through the challenge. But, if you value a perfect Twice Heardle streak over conscience prick, then it isn’t entirely too outrageous of a deal.

In fact, Shazam could likely discover the song with just the first 3-4 seconds of the intro, hence, it could also be a cheat tool to snag a “brag-worthy” challenge clearing.

Cannot play Twice Heardle? How to fix

If the inability stems from the unavailable of the track used for One of the pre-requisites for creating a Glitch! based Heardle game is using the Soundcloud online song streaming platform as the embedded music vessel.

However, the advantage couple quickly topple over if a certain track has licensing limitations that restrict it from being played in your region. Under such circumstances, you have no choice but to forfeit that day’s challenge and wait for a track that can be played.

How to play previous Twice Heardle games

In the absence of any outright Twice Heardle variants, you can play older Heardle challenges by changing the system date on your computer or phone, or smart device. For more information, we have linked below our detailed article on the topic.

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That’s all! It took me “THREE TIMES A DAY” to clear today’s Twice Heardle? How about you? Share your best score in the comments!