Heardle Variations: Here’s a list of Heardle Variants you can play

Heardle has to be one of the more viral variants of the viral word game Wordle. It is not without reason. Don’t you just love the thrill it brings when you try to guess the “song of the day” using the audio snippets rationed out as clues? If you are like us, then you might probably want to play more than one of the daily allotted Heardle challenges.

We have read your mind! Here, we have collected a rich list of Heardle variations hot from the web to feed your addiction. These variations work in theory and format exactly like Heardle — you get the 6 chances to guess the “song of the day” along with the music leaked in seconds to you to help sharpen your guesses.

Then how are they different from Heardle? The difference is in the song list, of course! Each of these variations is a specialized version of Heardle on a specific artist or genre (unlike the super glossed-over-formula of popular songs of the past decade followed on Heardle). So, to nail a challenge in a specialized variation, you might need to be a qualified superfan with a degree in the discography of the artist…or try your luck next time. 

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61 Heardle variations to try

Just a disclaimer coming through! The lists below follow no particular order or ranking system.

Without any delay, let’s dive into the rather-long list of Heardle variations we have gathered in one place all for your leisurely gaming.

23 Heardle variants for solo artist fandoms

When individual artists have resplendent discography that is overflowing with titles, the result is a dedicated fandom full of star creators who make awesome Heardle games for challengers like you to claim the throne of the top fan. Has your fandom’s version made it to the list?

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21 Heardle variants for group/band fandoms

Bands and groups collect and keep the hearts of listeners instantaneously. Check out if the dedicated Heardle of your champion band/group is in the list below.

It is time to drop two honorable mentions here — the 80s Heardle and 90s Heardle. If you are a fan of the music of the period, do check them out for your daily dose of Heardling fun.

11 Heardle variants for fans of K-pop and J-pop bands or music

Music has no borders or language, as proven by the success of the several leading artists/groups from the K-pop, C-pop, and J-pop scenes. The following are but a few of the top names, so, consider them as an appetizer augering more on the tail!

4 Heardle variants based on video game music

Who hasn’t got entranced by the sensational music in video games? Be it in the story or played as part of an action sequence, music plays an indispensable role in setting an immersive ambiance for the players. Here are a few Heardles to test your knowledge of some popular fandom-based Heardles.

Do Heardle variants work the same?

Almost all of the Heardle variants use the same framework to emulate the essence and principles of the seed game as they are created by fans following the instructions left by predecessors like the creator of Harry Styles Heardle or Zayn Heardle using Glitch! as the host page. 

Using Glitch! also makes sure that the original system of the game using the SoundCloud music library also remains a uniform characteristic of all the variants that share the platform. Apart from SoundCloud, the entire format, like the number of clues (6 in total) to guess a song (revealed in bits by seconds) using skippable or attempted guesses to solve or nosedive at the end of the game also remains immutable rules of Heardle and its variants.

The typical format of a Heardle game or its variants is to make progress in the game from music using snippets starting from 1 second (first skippable guess) to 5 seconds (in the final attempt) to culminate in a 16-second long clip of the “song of the day”. You are also only allowed to select a song from a predetermined list of potential solutions that usually refresh every day. Hence, even if the game is not hosted on Glitch (for instance, the Animle Heardle), it still follows the tradition of the progressive revelation of the song in second-by-second bites introduced by Heardle. 

To conclude, if you have some familiarity with how a typical Heardle game works, then nothing other than the answer/song list might come off as a surprise to you if you play any of its variants.

Do you have any awesome Heardle variants you want us to add to the list? Drop them in the comments!



  1. You guys forgot the best heardle which is for John Mayer!
    The Michael Jackson Heardle is also pretty good.

  2. 70s punk would be good, bans like The Clash, Penetration, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Damned, Sex Pistols et

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