Top 7 Games Like Heardle

The birth of Wordle revolutionized the constitution and boring formulae of guessing games to find a rhythm that is more in pace with the demands of the modern generation. Above all, it triggered the emergence of a great medley of spin-offs and variants, all to meet the surging demands for specialized challenges.

Heardle is one such variant that immediately exploded into popularity for its Wordle-inspired take on music guessing game. On Heardle, your challenge is to guess the mystery song of the day based on the few seconds of its intro revealed in nibble-sized hints over the course of a challenge. 

If you are a fan of music-guessing games like Heardle, then it is our hope to magnify your relish with games that are in the vein of Heardle.

7 games like Heardle

The striking difference between Heardle and Wordle is the sudden shift from color-based clues to music-based clues. In the list below, we have prepared an interesting assortment of guessing games that use media bites or music-snippets as hints for players. Let’s begin!

1. Heardle clones

Heardle can be called a game-changer that inspired countless individual clones that specialize in a category of music. While the Heardle game song list is made of popular tracks of the past decade that you’d hear often on the radio, the minion versions are born with an independent desire to celebrate the discography of a particular artist or genre like Adele Heardle, Harry Styles Heardle, K-pop Heardle, or Ya Heardle! For list-based findings, refer to the article linked below.

2. Song Trivia

Do not discard it as a regular trivia game, no! Song Trivia is very much a song-guessing game in the style of Heardle where you are given short snippets of a song’s intro to nail the guess. In fact, you can call it Heardle unleashed as Song Trivia has just so many mini-challenges to play within it divided by genre or “themes” (Example: Pop, Rock, Country, Metal, etc).

These categories are further grouped into “Daily” Heardle or “Random” challenges, and Artist or Album-based mini-games.

With such an endless array of mini Heardles within, Song Trivia is our favorite among Heardle-like music guessing games! 

Did we mention that you can even challenge your friends to Heardle battles here? Follow the link below to check it everything out!

3. Songlio

Songlio is a web-based game (currently in the beta stages) that you can play on your PC/Desktop to engage in multiplayer and solo Heardling. As it is still in the developing phase, there are not too many players in the Multiplayer mode to challenge. But, the Single Player challenges are very engaging where you need quick memory recalling skills and fast typing fingers to nail the challenge.

Songlio is a bit different from Heardle in that the challenge is in the form of “Quizzes”. Your challenge is to guess all the songs in a selected Quiz based on the 25-second music intro given for each song.

The more time of the allotted 25-second intro you take, you get a clearer view of the song’s Album Art, as well as more revealed letters in the Hint blanks for the Title. You can call the Songlio system a very generous dealer because it tries its best to make you answer each song in a Quiz correctly.

If we talk about a downside, it is that there are only 48 Quizzes available at present in the Single player mode, but there is an option to make community contributions by adding your own Quizzes! You can check all the goodies out in the game’s official page linked right below!

3. binb

binb is like a 24/7 radio that always has a good tune playing but with a twist that these are snippets from a random song that you have to guess. The most interesting part is that the game is ranked as you will be playing against all the random players who are simultaneously taking the challenge with you.

Just choose a challenge category listed on the binb homepage from the categories — Hits, Pop, Rock, Rap, Oldies, Mixed and give yourself a little in-game nickname…and that’s all it takes to start real-time music listening challenge on binb! You can even share the game page with your friends to start a round of guess-that-song battles on a streak!

4. SongPop Classic

SongPop Classic is a music trivia game app that lets you challenge other players in real-time to category-based quizzes. The system will play a set of snippets from various songs falling under a selected category, and you have to race against time to pick the correct answer from the choices available on the screen. 

The fun aspect is the competition; while in a challenge, you get no time to second-guess but immediately make the move lest the opponent snags the point. 

A major drawback of the game is that you need to be paid subscriber of the app to enjoy unlimited gaming and other privileges. At present, game app is available for download only on the App Store.

5. Lyricle

Lyricle is a music guessing game that shares traits with both Heardle and Wordle. The premise of the game is to guess a song based on lyrics revealed line by line with each skipped or wrong guess. You get 6 attempts in total to emerge victorious (or flounder miserably) in the daily challenge. 

Lyricle might sound like a cakewalk but it is more difficult than you might initially assume. This is because lyrics revealed without music hold the dangerous potential to baffle you unless you are very familiar with the lines of the mystery song of the day.

6. Song Quiz

Song Quiz is a simple mobile app-based game that lets you battle against the system AI (AKA “Song Coach”) to guess the song and artist of the cued music snippet. You can either guess the song or artist or snag extra points for guessing both right!

On Song Quiz you can select to take the challenge from any of the 6 Playlists — 2010s, 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, and 60s.

The main attraction is that Song Quiz supports Dictation so that you do not have to type your guess out but simply speak the title or artist (or both) after the music ends. Each challenge entails 5 different tracks which you have to guess based on a short sound snippet revealed as hint.

At present, the Song Quiz game app is available for download only on App Store.

7. Framed

Let’s start with the main point — Framed Wordle is NOT a music-based game; rather, it is a movie-based guessing game that challenges you to guess the mystery movie of the day based on random screenshots from the movie. With each wrong guess you make a new screenshot is revealed as a clue to nudge you towards the right answer.

Be warned that this game is made for the most ardent movie buffs. With a large catalog of movies in its movie list, and just 6 attempts to guess the correct answer based on obscure screenshots, it is really a tough and extremely fun variant resembling Heardle and Wordle.

That’s all! Which is your pick from the list above? Share with us in the comments!