19 Top K-pop Heardles!

K-pop fandom has been a sensation beyond borders for over a decade now, and when the Internet phenomenon that is Wordle birthed its music-based variant Heardle, it didn’t take much time for K-pop-based Heardle clones to emerge rapidly.

In case you aren’t familiar with Heardle, it is a riff on Wordle but instead of mystery word, the challenge is to guess the mystery song revealed in as musical hints of the song’s intro. K-pop Heardle is a twist on Heardle with an exclusively K-pop curated song list. It is an exciting daily routine to add to your routine and put your music-obsessed brain to the test. 

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In this post, we have enumerated 19 K-pop Heardles for fans of the genre.

19 K-pop-based Heardles

From a unified Heardle that embraces the endless discography of all popular K-pop artists to group or band-based challenges, there is a Heardle of almost all kinds. Below, you will find a list of all K-pop Heardles that are functional at the time of drafting.

1. K-pop Heardle

K-pop Heardle brings you a wholesome song list of almost all popular artists falling under the K-pop category. From boy bands to girl bands to solo acts, you are in for a surprise with each new daily mystery song challenge.

Even though the creator has strived hard to include as many songs into the song list, they might have missed quite a few titles by the natural course of events. As a redressal, we have gathered a list of Heardles exclusive to specific groups.

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2. Ateez Heardle 

3. Blackpink Heardle

4. BTS Heardle

5. Cravity Heardle

6. Gidle Heardle

7. Loona Heardle

8. Oh My Girl Heardle

9. Red velvet Heardle

10. NCity (NCT) Heardle

11. Pentagon Heardle

12. SNSD Heardle 

13. Stray Kids Heardle 

14. Super Junior Heardle

15. Super M Heardle

16. Twice Heardle

17. The Boyz Heardle

18. TXT Heardle

19. Woodz Heardle

Many more K-pop Heardles than what’s listed above originally existed but have since been either shut down or become inactive. In case you don’t find your favorite solo artist or group’s Heardle here, go for a “<Kpop artist/group name> Heardle”  search in Google or any search engine to try your luck.

That’s it! Hope you found your fav here! Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions or recommendations!



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