How to turn on Live Caption on Android 10 (and turn off)

Android 10 update

After weeks of speculation, wait, and six beta versions, Google has finally launched the stable version of Android 10. Android Pie, which is the current OS on all non-Pixel devices, came with a bunch of improvements over Android Oreo, and we expect 10 to follow suit.

As confirmed by beta releases, Android 10 is bringing a plethora of changes. From the most celebrated features, such as system-wide dark mode and optimized sharing menu, to new introductions, like detailed permission settings and chat bubbles, there’s a lot to talk about. In this section, however, we are addressing one of the most underrated features of Android 10 — Live Caption.

In an attempt to be more inclusive and make Android more accessible, Google has developed a feature called Live Caption, which could potentially be exceptionally beneficial for people with hearing impairment. As the name suggests, the feature captions any audio or video that’s being played on your Android 10 device, in real-time, without requiring an internet connection.

Live Caption: Making digital media more accessible with a single tap

How to turn on Live captions on Android 10

Here’s how to turn on the Live Caption feature on your Android 10 phone:

Step 1: Play a video.

Step 2: Tap either Volume key.

Step 3: Tap on the caption button at the bottom of the volume slider. Captions will begin to show in the screen now.

Step 4: Reposition the caption by tapping, holding, and moving it around the screen.

Google is regarded as the best in the business when it comes to software development. So, we expect the captioning process to be almost flawless. Seeing one of the pioneers lead the ways is really encouraging, and we hope to see more such inclusive additions in the future.

How to turn off Live captions on Android 10

Well, tap any volume button again, and tap the caption bottom below the volume slider again to turn it off now.

Does Live caption on Android 10 require Internet connection?

No, it doesn’t.

To verify it yourself, turn off the Internet connectivity (Wi-Fi and mobile data) and then activate the Live caption feature on any audio/video playing on. The device will effortlessly caption the speech.

How are you liking the Live caption feature on Android 10?

With Android 10 update, you also get Bubbles feature, which is pretty exciting too.

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