Want To Turn Off Suggested Posts On Instagram? All You Need To Know

Instagram is in a race to the top with regard to social media apps. The app has been pumping out updates after updates to introduce new features. In this time of social distancing, media consumption is at an all-time high, and Instagram knows that. From Reels to QR Codes, we have seen a lot of changes in the app. The latest addition to the app is a ‘Suggested Posts’ feature on the main feed. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is ‘You’re all caught up’ on Instagram?

In a bid toward anti-social media addiction, Instagram introduced a ‘You’re all caught up’ notification on the Instagram Feed. This notification was meant to alert users that they had reached the end of their unseen post. Here forward the posts displayed had already been viewed previously.

This notification received quite positive feedback. It enabled users to put their phones down after they knew they had viewed all previous posts. Without it, a user may simply keep scrolling and not know the difference between older posts and newer posts.

Why am I seeing ‘Suggested Posts’ on Instagram

Instagram has just rolled out an update to the app that changes the way you view your feed. The new update now adds ‘Suggested Posts’ at the end of your latest posts on your feed. This means once you reach the ‘You’re all caught up’ notification on your Instagram feed, you will be greeted by posts from strangers.

Instagram claims that these Suggested posts are curated depending on your taste. The algorithm will learn what types of accounts you follow and show you Suggested posts from those creators. In addition to suggested posts, Instagram will also use the space for advertising.

The Suggested posts are never-ending. you can keep scrolling down your feed and it will keep populating with new suggestions. You’re probably thinking it already, so we’ll just say it out loud. Yes, this goes completely against Instagram’s previous move for anti-social media addiction. If anything, the new feature keeps you hooked to the app to a greater extent than before.

Can you Get Rid Of Suggested Posts on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you cannot disable the new Suggested Posts feature on Instagram. The function is built into the feed and is a new way that it populates. All we can do is hope Instagram hears the cries of its users and rolls it back.

But for now, it seems we are stuck with this new feature. So get ready to see some strangers on your Instagram Feed.

How to view older posts on Instagram

Well, there is a ray of hope with regard to the new Suggested Posts feature on Instagram. Instagram has added an option to let users repopulate their feed with older posts just like before.

To view older posts once you reach the end of your latest posts, tap ‘View Older Posts’ under the ‘You’re all caught up’ notification.

Tapping ‘View Older Posts’ will bring up a new feed with all your previously viewed posts from people you follow. You can keep scrolling this new feed with no end.

This is a welcome addition to the function as it lets you view content from users that you have actually chosen to follow, rather than strangers.

Why Suggested Posts on Instagram is a terrible idea

Well, let’s get something straight. Your Instagram feed is supposed to be the place where you view content that you choose to view. That is the whole point of following people on the app. There is a specific Discover tab meant solely for displaying users that you do not know. And even the Discover tab lets you choose what you would like to view.

Suggested posts suck from Instagram

Suggested Posts on the other hand is intrusive and leaves no choice to the user about the content that appears there. If a user wanted to discover new content, all they have to do is move one tab over.

How to get back to the top of your feed quickly

Well, you can’t run away from the new Suggested Posts feature, but you can skip it and get to the top of your feed quickly. You can skip to the top at any point while scrolling through your feed.

To skip right back to the top of your feed simply tap the ‘Home’ button in the bottom panel on Instagram (not the home button on your device).

Tapping the Home button will immediately bring you to the top of your Instagram Feed. You can even tap the button when you are viewing older posts to be brought back to the top of your Feed.

What do you think of the new ‘Suggested Posts’ feature introduced by Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Suggested Posts are absolutely horrible…….get rid of them…everyone HATES this change

  2. Horrible horrible idea, I’m actually having the same experience every time I see a certain product
    on sale on Facebook’s market place, all of the sudden and automatically I’m following the seller. I had to find out when I started to see strange posts on my fed….

    1. Very very annoying, terrible, horrible. Event we eliminated, is to long to scroll, wasting the time !!!
      If IG want to inform for promotions, products etc, just do like usual in the middle of the IG information.
      Think to use another way for promoting, sellimg etc. Maybe put market place like FB ,that’s very good.
      Don’t force user IG to scrolls all the time.

  3. I will not be using Instagram again until suggested post has been discontinued

  4. Mukul pal Instagram ma view older posts band kare suggested post s

  5. Hamare Instagram mein view older posts band kara do

  6. Instagram ma view older posts band kara hai off

  7. Absolutely hate suggested posts. I go on Insta infrequently to view close family posts. I have so much difficulty accessing them because the view older posts disappears. Might be time to leave Insta. So frustrating.

  8. I don’t like how Instagram is giving me all kinds of post that I don’t want to view. I can’t even get back to the “all caught up- review older post” notification. Please fix this Instagram and fix it in a hurry.

  9. It’s terrible. Please disconrinue this feature as soon as possible. Thanks.

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