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TELUS Releases Android 4.0 Update Schedule, Includes Five Android Devices

Telus has some real good news for its Android users — it has just released its Ice Cream Sandwich update schedule for various Android devices including the Galaxy Note and Tab 8.9. At a time when most carriers seldom release updates on schedule, and sometimes even choose to be mum on the next updates leaving the users in the lurk, TELUS has been regularly keeping its line-up updated. And knowing the fact that most delays result due to faults of the carriers only, Telus definitely deserves an applause here.

Following is the schedule.

  • HTC Desire HD – ‘Expected in market date’ for Android 4.0 – 25th of July
  • LG Optimus LTE – ‘Expected in market date’ for Android 4.0 – mid July
  • Samsung Galaxy Note – ‘Expected in market date’ for Android 4.0 – 13th of July
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – ‘Expected in market date’ for Android 4.0 – late July
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 – ‘Expected in market date’ for Android 4.0 – August

So this is definitely an exciting news for users of all the above devices to hear that they too shall soon get the ICS experience on their Android smartphones. As can be seen from the list, the update on the Tab 8.9 was pushed back till August after the initial announcement of ‘late July’. But this schedule definitely sets an example for other carriers who keep on blaming the device OEMs instead of getting their own act together.