T-Mobile Sensation 4G Android 4.0 Update to roll out on May 16, Amaze 4G to get it soon

T-Mobile has announced on their support page that the HTC Sensation 4G will be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 update on May 16, and also posted the changes that the Android 4.0 update will bring. The update will bring the software version up to 3.32.531.14710RD, and will require one to be running “Android version 2.3.3 / Software version 1.50.531.1, 1.29.531.2, or 1.45.531.1” beforehand. In short, if you are rooted and are running a custom ROM, you won’t be getting the update. Like you care, eh?

The Amaze 4G will also be getting ICS update “in the coming weeks” after the Sensation 4G update has rolled out, though no particular date has been mentioned. The changelog for the Amaze 4G update has also been posted though, so it probably won’t be too long before it starts rolling out.

Getting the update will be as simple as heading to the Settings » About Phone » HTC Software Updates menu on the phone and tapping on the Check button. So, just a day or two more before you’re eating ice cream flavoured sandwiches on your Sensation 4G. Now would be a good time to set a reminder for May 16, right?

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