If you loved Subway Surfers, try these new games to freshen up the same experience again

The Android gaming industry has gone through a systemic shift over the years, where independent game developers are finally being promoted over the big names. Subway Surfers is one such game that popped up on the Google Play Store just a few years ago, and its addictive gameplay has made it the top downloaded and the top grossing game of all time.

Subway Surfers comes from the endless runner genre of games, and it certainly isn’t the only one in it. If you’re a die-hard fan of Subways Surfers, there are some of the best endless runner games that’ll give you hours of fun at a stretch.

1. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Probably one of the first names that pop up in your mind when thinking of an endless runner, Temple Run 2 is probably the biggest competitor that Subway Surfers has. The sequel to the original Temple Run comes with an entirely new list of characters to choose from. So get jumping, sliding down, and grabbing on to the ropes to gather up coins and using gems to revive yourself as you try to escape the monster that’s after you.

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2. Touchdown Hero

Touchdown Hero preview

If you’re a hardcore American football fan and love yourself some endless running games, Touchdown Hero is just the hybrid blend you need. Set your pace as you run the endless football field, dodging incoming tacklers from all sides. With special moves to get ahead of the competition, your high score helps you unlock your favorite team colors and special upgrades as well.

3. Canabalt HD

Canabalt HD Gameplay

A classic that started out as a flash game and ended up on Android, Canabalt was the beginning of what has led to the endless runner game craze. With the good old retro pixelated design style, you’re put in the shoes of a man jumping through the buildings as the apocalypse takes over. While the game has been updated with tweaks and achievement modes, the simplistic premise of the game is what makes it an instant hit.

4. Zombie Highway 2

The fantasy of a zombie apocalypse is as exciting as it is improbable, but it hasn’t stopped Zombie Highway 2 from being a success with the gamers. This infinite runner makes you put your pedal to the metal as you drive through the zombie-infested streets, trying to shoot the undead creatures that block your way, upgrade your vehicle armor and weaponry, and dodge obstacles that block your road to safety.

5. Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft: Relic Run - Mountain Pass Trailer [Android]

If you have the memories of Angelina Jolie slinging through caverns still alive in your mind, its time you download Lara Croft: Relic Run and relive those memories. Designed in 3D with immersive graphics, you can play through treacherous locations like the Desert, Jungle Temple, and Mountain Pass, power up Lara Croft with an entire arsenal of weapons, master vehicles on different terrains, and compete with your friends with new challenges.

6. Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash™ Android (English)

SEGA may no longer have a hold on the world of gaming that it did in the retro age, but it is giving one last push to its lovable hedgehog with Sonic Dash. In this endless runner, Sonic runs at infinite speeds, dodge barriers and go through loop de loops at maximum velocity, while defeating enemies as they show up to destroy you. With multiple characters to choose from and a beautifully detailed map, you’ll spend hours glued to your phone.

7. Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run - New Update trailer Android [UK]

Bringing one of their popular game titles to the mobile version in the form of an infinite runner, Ubisoft has built this one beautifully from the ground up. With different worlds to discover, an addictive music track playing in the background, and intuitive controls to love Rayman around, all of this comes packed in 20 levels as you dodge cannonballs, jump through falling rocks, and escape deadly enemies.

8. Smash Hit

Smash Hit - Android Trailer

A beautifully crafted 3D runner that takes you through a surreal journey of breaking barriers and smashing glass triangles, Smash Hit is a game from an entirely different dimension. You start with 50 different scenarios and 11 graphic styles, with completely physics-based gals shattering mechanics and you make your way to infinity.

9. Hunger Crunch

Hunger Crunch (official game trailer) - by Rice Bowls

Just because you’re playing an endless runner game doesn’t mean it has to be a mindless one, which is why Hunger Crunch is just the right fit. Fight world hunger in the most fun way possible, as you stomp down thieves, reclaim the stolen food, discover hidden collectibles on your way. But the beats part about Hunger Crunch is that every time you make an in-app purchase, you help feed hungry children in the real world.

10. ALONE…

ALONE... Launch Trailer

Lost in space with nobody to help you get back home, it is a journey of survival as you navigate through caverns, dodge rocky debris and slide right next to dangerous comets. This fast-paced runner comes with intuitive controls, an action-packed gameplay with multiple difficulty levels as you navigate through beautifully-crafted maps with isometric designs all around.

Which is your favorite game that will finally make you ditch Subway Surfers for good? If you have another interesting title to add to the group, be sure to drop it in the comments section down below.

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