Sprint Optimus G gets Clockworkmod (CWM) Recovery, working but temporary!

Sprint Optimus G users, listen up. The geeks among you will be overjoyed to hear that flashing Custom ROMs and mods on your new quad-cored beast is going to be possible very, very soon. Clockwork Mod Recovery is out for the Sprint Optimus G, although not 100% ready to be used for flashing just as yet.

The CWM recovery for the Sprint Optimus G is being released by XDA member thecubed, the same gent who outed CWM for the AT&T Optimus G a few days ago. Like for the AT&T version, this is also a tethered build, which means that it cannot be flashed permanently to the device. Every time you want to enter recovery mode, the boot.img file needs to be flashed via fastboot. Inconvenient for now, but definitely a good start.

The Optimus G comes with a locked bootloader, which usually makes procedures like flashing custom recoveries/ROMs difficult. So while thecubed has gotten off to a start by crating a bootable recovery image, it is still not safe to use to use it as there are chances of bricking y our device. So its best to hold off for now till all the kinks are ironed out and a more stable version is released.

thecubed has posted a teaser video of CWM recovery running on his LG Optimus G, and hopefully he’ll be able to fix serious issues and release the recovery soon, so the Android community can do a lot more with their Optimus G. Watch the video below, and also visit the source link below for further details on ClockworkMod recovery for the Sprint Optimus G.

[youtube video_id=”OO2m5UhykQE” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]