Spellbreak Item Shop: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Spellbreak is the newest kid on the battle royale block, and instead of fading into immediate obscurity under the weight of an oversaturated genre had managed to immediately make a name for itself as a fresh, well-executed reimagining of what royales could be with a little more originality.

With a high fantasy motif, pleasing Breath of the Wild-esque aesthetic, and an insanely deep elemental combo system that would make the Last Airbender blush, Spellbreak seems poised to be a battle royale hit with some real staying power.

Especially since it’s completely free, supported only by a small in-game store.

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What is the Spellbreak Item Shop?

Spellbreak Item Shop

The Spellbreak Item Shop is the in-game store that allows players to purchase a variety of cosmetic items using the game’s premium currency, gold. The items available for purchase include:

  • Outfits (special skins)
  • Artifacts (floating cosmetic items)
  • Cards (backdrops for your in-game profile)
  • Badges (icons displayed on your profile card)
  • Afterglows (special visual effects that are shown while levitating)
  • Cloudbursts (custom contrails when dropping onto the map)
  • Titles (special suffixes for your profile card)
  • Emotes, and
  • Triumphs (animations shown on the screens of exiled opponents).

All of these items are purely cosmetic and have no intended effect on gameplay, and are a way for the developers to monetize Spellbreak while keeping the game free to play without it becoming pay-to-win.

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How Does The Spellbreak Item Shop Work?

The Spellbreak Item Shop exhibits a total of 7 items at a time, the fancier of which are “Featured” items that often cost more than the other four “Daily” items on sale. The items are time-limited, with as of yet no persistent catalog for players to choose from. The Featured items are available on a fixed rotation of three days, while the Daily items reset, quite predictably, every 24 hours.

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Spellbreak Item Shop Tip: Avoid Impulse Buying.

The timed rotation of the available items is designed to promote a sense of scarcity, encouraging players to buy fast so as not to “miss out” on their coveted item of choice. However, the first two resets made at the time of this writing have included the same Featured items, indicating that items will not disappear forever off-rotation and players may safely expect to see the same item come up again soon.

Don’t forget: Don’t Be Stingy.

If you do enjoy Spellbreak, would like to see the game evolve and continue to develop, and have a couple of bucks to spare, it’s recommended that you show your support by making a purchase every now and then. A game like Spellbreak costs a lot of money and thousands upon thousands of hours over at Proletariat to develop and maintain — only to be given away completely for free.

If you’re able to derive dozens, if not hundreds of hours of fast-paced fun out of Spellbreak, it might not be too much to ask to shell out what you would for, say, a cup of coffee or a sandwich that keeps you entertained for five minutes at a time.

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Are you a Breaker doing their best to stay un-electrocuted and unexploded in the chaotic Hollow Lands? Have you tried out the in-game shop? Let us know how your experience is going and what your favorite Gauntlet combo is!

Image Credit: SirDapper