Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 Shows Off Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Watch the video!

Sony PSP Phone

If the earlier video of the SE PlayStation Phone just irritated you with its so-blurry cynics and left a lot wanted in terms of pic quality and real impression of a phone, there is something you’d cheer about — a very neat and clear video of the PlayStation Phone running android’s upcoming OS version 2.3, the Gingerbread. Excited?

The latest leaked video is a high quality one, which in fact, also shows you how fat the phone looks. But, that’s hardly a concern once you spot that PlayStation icon which is very much your door to playstation gaming on android, right? We simply can’t stop thinking about the very idea of real games on phone, that too in time that’s not very far. What about you?

Check out the video below (and the pics we drilled out from the video) and let us know how much happy — and obliged to purchase — you are about the Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1. Any dream-come-true sort of feelings?

Sony Zeus Z1

Sony PlayStation Phone Photos

Source xxmazstor (Youtube)

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