Samsung releases video showing Galaxy Note 2 features

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Commercial

Samsung is not just good at making awesome phones but also making very efficient commercials for their phones too. Samsung is known for making high end devices with state of  art technology and the latest hardware too.

Samsung is touting the impressive Galaxy Note 2 as the next big thing and very truly so, as it very well is. Samsung previously released few commercials which made fun of Apple devices and its fanboys but apparently, it seems Samsung is looking forward to rather highlight the its devices’ features now, and has made a video of Galaxy Note 2 to do just that.

Samsung just released a commercial that clearly and precisely tells you why the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the next big thing and what new and extraordinary features it has in store for you. The commercial highlights all the new features pretty quick and fast, while also getting you get proper feel of the them.

Enough discussing out the video, let’s just check it out now.

[youtube video_id=”BfepLOZJjPw” width=”700″ height=”400″ /]

Think Samsung hit the right spot with this commercial video? What are your suggestions and opinion on this video?