Watch latest Samsung commercial of Galaxy S3, taking jest at Apple fans

With each new iPhone release and with each new queue of iPhone fans that assembles outside Apple stores to get the latest iPhone, it seems Samsung has decided to make at least one commercial taking jabs on these Apple fans standing in line. And in the latest Galaxy S3 commercial, Samsung is at it again.

The commercial sees people talking about new iPhone features that aren’t really anything new for Android users, with Samsung showing off features like S Beam which allows transfer of files through NFC by just touching two phones together, ending with the almost cliched “the next big thing is already here”.

While it’s now getting a bit too much with all these anti-Apple commercials, I have to say this one is quite entertaining. Watch the commercial below and decide for yourself on how good or bad the ad is.

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  1. I’m sorry, after seeing the Jimmy Kimmel video where theiphone owners didn’t even recognize their ownphone and thought it was the 5, I say you can’t have enough mocking for this pompous skinny jeans barrista soccer mom hello kitty crowd

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