Galaxy S8 colors said to be Crimson Red, new Coral Blue and a shiny dark (black) color

Today’s tidbits about the Galaxy S8 believes that we would see a Crimson Red Galaxy S8. Moreover, it’s also said the S6’s dark color (probably black) would make it to S8, but will by a more shiny one, and finally, a new coral blue that is a shade different than what Samsung painted on new buddies Galaxy C5 Pro and C7 Pro, former of which is yet to release, BTW.

Well, as Samsung has always been at the forefront of experimenting and has never been shy about trying out a new color — it even came out with a jet black Galaxy S7 the moment it realized it needs one, because reasons — so, there is no reason why we think a red Galaxy S8 could not be on the offering.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to feature the best specs available in the market for a current flagship, and that includes 6GB of RAM, 10nm tech based Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 processor, 128GB storage, powerful single camera (dual-camera for S8 Plus), etc. stuff, it would do away with the traditional Samsung physical home key on the front, while moving the fingerprint scanner at the back.

Galaxy S8 would maintain the overall size of Galaxy S7, but would still house quite bigger display that is sized 5.8″ diagonally (S7 was 5.1″), while the Galaxy S8 Plus would use a 6.2″ display in a body roughly the same size of S7 Plus. So, that was about Galaxy S8 specs.

Rumor mill has it that Samsung would unveil the Galaxy S8 on March 29, while the release would follow on April 18.

The Galaxy S8 would undergo a tightened security of 8-point battery safe check, while it will introduce us to Samsung’s Bixby AI, that will be capable of helping you by recognize both image and voice.

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