Galaxy S8 to undergo 8 point battery safety check

After revealing that the Galaxy Note 7 explosions were caused due to the inconsistent battery size, Samsung has apparently added more battery safety checks for the upcoming Galaxy S8.

According to a new report, Samsung has introduced a more strict 8 point battery safety check for the Galaxy S8. This will ensure that another Note 7 disaster will not happen. The company announced this during a press conference at its headquarters.

The company will put the batteries through rigorous testing and also perform real-world tests to check its strength. The report also states that the battery capacity on the Galaxy S8 could be around 3000 mAh, which is lesser than the Note 7.

Samsung would also tweak its software and internal design so that no over-heating or unwanted contact happens with the battery. Look like the company will not be pushing any boundaries when it comes to battery specs, with the Galaxy S8. And that’s a good thing, because Samsung had promised consumers that they will do all they can to avoid another Note 7 incident.

Source: Yonhapnews

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