Galaxy Note 7 explosions apparently caused due to inconsistent battery size

Samsung is all set to reveal the results of the investigation into the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions. The company will make the announcement on January 23. According to a new report from the WSJ, the investigations revealed that an inconsistent battery size was the cause.

The report states that Samsung SDI batteries were irregular in size and did not fit properly in the shell of the device. This led to overheating and caused the explosions and fires. Other causes also included manufacturing defects.

Samsung originally thought the issue was related only to the handsets that carried the Samsung SDI made batteries. However, after switching to batteries made by another supplier, the problems continued.

The explosions and fires led to one of the biggest recalls in the tech industry. Samsung had to stop manufacturing and ask users to return the Note 7. About 96 percent of the handsets have been returned in the U.S, but there are still many out there. The entire fiasco is said to cost over $5 billion for the company.

On Monday, a report will be released by Samsung that would conclude that the explosions were caused by inconsistent size of the Samsung SDI batteries. As for batteries made by ATL, a Chinese supplier, the cause was manufacturing defect. We will know more about this in the report.

Source: WSJ

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