Samsung to announce Note 7 fault on January 23, Monday


As per a new report, Samsung has the official results for what caused the Galaxy Note 7 explosions. The company is going to share the results on Monday, Jan. 23, by releasing a video explaining the explosion, said a Samsung representative.

Samsung had announced earlier that it would thoroughly investigate, with help from independent researchers, and announce the results to the public. It wanted to do this to gain back the trust from its loyal customers.

The Note 7 explosions and the recall caused some damage to Samsung’s reputation. Now that the Galaxy S8 announcement is happening very soon, the company didn’t want any bad image. The results for the investigations and the cause of the Note 7 explosion was discovered late last month.

The video, which will be released on January 23rd, will explain the reason behind the Note 7 explosions. It is believed that the explosions weren’t the result of faulty batteries, because Samsung is apparently using the same batteries in the Galaxy S8.

Apart from the video, Samsung Wireless Business President, Ko Dong-jin, would also apologize for the Note 7 fiasco. Other videos showing the quality and reliability of Samsung’s products would also be released.

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