Samsung Galaxy S8 battery safety measures to cost Samsung 150 billion won ($128 million)

The Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco has turned out to be quite heavy on the pockets of Samsung, other being a great blow to its trustworthiness. Samsung took to stage today in Seoul to come out with the official cause behind the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, the battery-making unit of the Korean giant Samsung SDI has revealed that it has pumped in 150 billion won (US$128.8 million) for battery safety in smartphones.

Samsung SDI has deployed a series of new measures to ensure that batteries are safe costing them the huge amount. The billions were spent on a team of 100 executives and researchers, installation of X-ray scanning techniques. The executives and researchers have the onus of improving the whole development, quality control and production process.

The main focus went into a deformation issue of the battery which was one of the main cause of overheating and explosion of the Note 7.

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Samsung now has introduced a 8 point battery safety check to make sure the Note 7 debacle does not get repeated. All the future Samsung devices including the upcoming Galaxy S8, will be undergoing the battery safety check. This may cause the purse to bulge out, but Samsung stands to gain in the lost trust with this move.

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