Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date pegged for May!

It’s that time of the year when the Android rumor mills start focusing on what the next Galaxy S device from Samsung could look like and speculations on a release timeline are buzzing.

While Samsung has been extremely secretive about the successor to 2012’s best-selling Galaxy S3 smartphone, that hasn’t stopped leaked images and even a concept render video to crop up on the web. Those aside, there have also been rumors that the Galaxy S4 (if it will eventually be called that, as it seems the number 4 is said to be unlucky in Korea) will include S-Pen functionality, a proprietary feature from Samsung which has hitherto been exclusive only to devices in the Galaxy Note lineup.

All of these rumors and speculations however, were unsubstantiated and had to be taken with a punch of salt, considering there was really no clear or for that matter, indirect hints from Samsung.

Historically, Q2 has always been Sammy’s chosen time of the year for a Galaxy S device release, with the original Galaxy S having been launched in June, the Galaxy S2 in April, and the Galaxy S3 in May last year. That trend considered, there is no reason to believe that the Galaxy S4 would follow the same timeline. Early rumors that hinted towards an April 2013 launch notwithstanding, a post on Samsung Lebanon’s Facebook page seems to indicate a May 2013 launch date for this much-awaited device.

Of course, something out of Facebook is the last thing we would want to go by as any surefire indication, that too for the launch of such an iconic device, a May release can definitely not be ruled out, considering the Galaxy S3 was released same time last year.

That said, it is also possible that Samsung may want to deliberately push for a may launch, to avoid the Galaxy S4 cannibalizing sales of the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2, both of which continue to sell like hot cakes.

As far as when the phone can actually be unveiled or announced is another matter for speculation right now. Some sources indicate that CES 2013, which is less than a week away, could be the moment, which some say that MWC later in February will be the chosen moment for Samsung to announce the new prince of smartphones.

It is also possible that Samsung just showcases some of the new tech that it would incorporate into the S4, like the unbreakable and flexible 5:” 1080p display, or the latest Exynos 5440 processor based the Cortex A15 chipset, and unveils the actual device at a private event later, like it has been known to do so often in the past.

Well, at this point the only thing we can be sure of is that irrespective of whether the Galaxy 4 is launched in April or May 2013, and irrespective of whether it is unveiled next week at CES or next month at MWC, this is definitely going to be one hell of a smartphone which will give all of the other 5″ 1080p display candidates a helluva run for their money.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Samsung Galaxy S4.