Samsung Galaxy S4 Image Leaks! Don’t hold your breath for it, though

Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaked Picture

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S4, it becomes tad obvious that we are gonna see whole lot of leaks, more leaks and then some more. And right on to that path, a new pic of Galaxy S4 has surfaced, and as you might have already guessed it: the tipster didn’t reveal his/her name and remains as much 100% anonymous as a tipster like this could be.

Anyway, it is what it is. The above image, supposedly of  the Galaxy S4, does looks like a design that would look perfect to Samsung, and takes lots of ideas from the recently launched Galaxy Premier and the Galaxy S3 itself.

Looking at the pic, you know the phone is going to be taller, which is in line with the 5-inch display rumored on-board the Samsung Galaxy S4. But what surprises us, is the absence of hardware button on the ottom f front, which if it happens — we’re all in for it, btw, very very happily! — will remark a huge change in philosophy from Samsung, who didn’t and couldn’t resist temptation to throw a hard key (Home key, that is) in the middle of two soft keys (back and menu) up front the Galaxy S3, and even the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 — even when Google, Motorola and Sony have begun launching their devices with stock Android special, all on-screen buttons. HTC is still doing with capacitive keys. If Samsung lets go of the hard Home key, it would at least catch up with HTC here, although that’s not what many people will look satisfyingly at — the on-screen keys are the trend, for good, after all.

Moreover, if the above image of Samsung Galaxy S4 is real, any hopes of those who were looking forward to major design change from Samsung from that of Galaxy S3 and Note 2’s, are going to be quashed. I for one, desperately want Samsung to change their design philosophy and do a revamp like HTC did with the One series, especially the One X. What do you say?

Here’s a concept photo of Galaxy S4 that we some days before.

Galaxy S4 Concept Image

Samsung Galaxy S4 coming to CES?

We’ll know only later whether the above Galaxy S4 Photo is any real or not, which may happen at CES, or may not. The rumor is: the Galaxy S4 is going to be there on the CES, but will be kept in airtight security and will be opened only for very few selected corporate people. Yeah, not much in the rumor, take it or leave it! Ok, better leave it.

Samsung was tight-lipped when it came to Galaxy S3 same time last year, and one can expect a complete repeat this time around too, more so because Samsung was quite happy and boastful about its Galaxy S3 hiding. So, chances are much less that we would get to know the real Galaxy S4, assuming it exists already, at the CES, though, we have our eyes wide opened for every bit of glimpse, and other info, we can get of Galaxy S4 competitors — the rumored HTC M7 and LG Optimus G2.

What do you think about the image at the top? Real, fake?

And while we’re talking about leaks and rumors, let’s also check out the Galaxy S4 specifications rumored so far, over here.

Via SamMobile and PhoneArena

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