Samsung Galaxy Fold family to get bigger 8-inch and 13-inch members

Samsung Galaxy Fold 8-inch and 13-inch models

Samsung and the Galaxy Fold were good and all until reports about massive display failures started doing rounds. In the few days that have followed after these reports, Samsung went from being defiant about a possible postponement of the release date to actually postponing the Fold’s global availability.

As of this writing, it’s unknown when the Galaxy Fold will begin selling in the U.S. and other global markets, although AT&T says shipping should start on June 13. Even so, it seems the issues surrounding the first-generation foldable phone won’t deter Samsung from chasing the ultimate goal.

According to reports surfacing from Korea, the company has plans to expand the Galaxy Fold family by adding members with bigger 8-inch and 13-inch display screens. The current Fold measures 7.3 inches when unfolded, something that Samsung wants to improve on by offering bigger panels.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is reportedly working on two designs for the said screens – an 8-inch G-type that bends inwards and a 13-inch S-type that does both. Where the former will fold twice, much like capital letter G, the latter will fold like a squished letter S.

So far, we still don’t know the measurements of these two panels when folded, but for reference purposes, the Galaxy Fold has a 4.6-inch screen when folded and turns into a 7.3-inch tablet when unfurled.

With these designs, Samsung hopes to compete with the 7.9-inch and 12.9-inch iPads released a while back by offering something with the same display real estate but more portable.

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