New Samsung Galaxy Fold release date to be announced in the coming weeks


Update: Apparently, AT&T is sending out emails with a new shipping date for the Galaxy Fold set for June 13. Samsung hasn’t revealed a specific date and its unlikely that the company has already assessed the problems of the phone and communicated a new date for the release of the device.

That said, it’s possible this new date is just a placeholder as AT&T looks to establish the exact number of people still interested in the Fold even after all that has unfolded. This is so because the carrier is asking those who had pre-ordered to confirm their interest or the order will be canceled by the end of May 2019. The original article follows.

Samsung Galaxy Fold was scheduled to begin selling in the U.S. at the end of this week, with pre-orders having opened last week. At first, things appeared to be going according to plan, with the phone even going out of stock within a few days despite its outrageous $2000 asking price.

However, things started going south when multiple reports emerged with what has turned out to be a major concern for Samsung. At least four reviewers of the Galaxy Fold reported cases of massive display failures under different circumstances, some claimed to be user-induced while others aren’t.

This has caused some uncertainties among early adopters of the Fold, with some even opting to cancel their pre-orders. As expected, Samsung has issued a statement on the same and it’s what we just expected.

Apparently, the release date of the Galaxy Fold has been postponed. Samsung says it will reveal a new date “in the coming weeks” and this time, the company will add more “guidance for consumers on care and use of the display including the protective layer.”

At first, Samsung had opted to stick to the initial date, but it seems the growing outrage forced the company to reconsider this move.


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