Rumor: Sony Ericsson ‘Anzu’/X12 would be a ‘Very Slim’ Gingerbread (Android 2.3) Phone with 4.3 inch Screen

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Sony Ericsson phone

You would’t expect something like of that magnitude from a company like Sony Ericsson, given its lacklustre attitude with its flagship device, Xperia X10 — which managed to get the Android 2.1 only now, becoming the last device sporting a 1ghz processor to receive the update.

But hey, let’s talk about what’s in the store of SE guys, who’re rumored to pack in Android 2.3, Gingerbread — releasing Nov 11, tomorrow — in a mighty 4.3 inch display that is said to be even slimmer than Galaxy S. Plus, it sports a camera capable of recording videos at 1080p (first of its kind in smartphones) and HDMI out too. Whoa! it’s very very juicy.

Called the X12 or ‘Anju’, the phone’s pegged for a Q1 launch next year. We’re also hearing that it’s growing with another SE phone, which is none other than the SE gaming phone — the Zeus — supposedly running Gingerbread and launching sometime next year. All of a sudden, SE seems like totally woken up in the android world and we’re more than excited to see the products it got in-the-works.

Back to specs, here is a pic (below) that substantiates the phone’s slim design. We can safely wager it’s thinner than the world’s slimmest android phone as of now, the 9.9mm thick Samsung Galaxy S. It only remains to be seen whether it breaks the iPhone’s record of world’s slimmest smartphone at 9.3mm thick.

Slimmest phone Anju X12

Moreover, the claim that it will be able to record videos at 1080p only further raises the whole ante of the smartphone tech. X12 might become the first phone of this capacity, unless Motorola surprises the world with what it got under the hood, an nVidia 1.2 Ghz dual core processor powered device that is silently growing up in its factory.

We’re also hearing from the Unofficial Xperia X10 Blog that the sound quality of the phone is louder and better than X10, more like that of Droid X.

Quite interesting it is, the Phone is also said to receive boost in its naming as Sony’s is said to make it a Bravia boy. FYI, Bravia is higher-end class TV brand from Sony which is highly respected and very much admired.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention it, the phone will support multitouch — something that SE says the X10 is not capable while hackers work on bringing  it. Jealous, X10-ers?

While no word is available on the screen type used, processor, RAM, etc it’s said that Sony might let the world know more about its phones, the Zeus and ‘Anju’, sometime before or after the Christmas. So, hold on tight with us, we’re surely up for something big from Sony, once the coolest tech company.

Do let us know what do you think about the ‘Anju’/X12/Bravia phone/etc. You think it is the device to look out for next year? Can Sony successfully bring the Bravia brand to its android phone and make the brand compete with Droid, currently the most popular android tag name? Say it all in the comments.

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SE Anju X12

Sony Ericsson Anju Android phone X12

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