[Report] Galaxy Note 8 with dual cameras to release in second half of the year

The euphoria around Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones is gradually subsiding while the Galaxy Note 8 crescendo is building up. The release date for Samsung’s upcoming Note flagship device is inching closer and so are the leaks and reports getting intensified. A new report suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 will be launched in the second half of this year. However, the exact time-frame has not been scheduled.

To get a real feel of how near the Note 8 release is, let us mention that we are towards the end of the first half of this year. This means, just a couple of months wait and we will usher into the Galaxy Note 8 era.

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Now, the Galaxy Note 7 must have had its own dramatic story of rise and fall, nevertheless, it was one of the most promising products of 2016, until it burst into flames, that is. Thus, the expectation from its successor is sky high. Not to mention the overwhelming burden of responsibility Samsung has got on its shoulders to not only bring an upgraded product but also make the Note 8 work successfully.

Thus, the inclusion of dual rear cameras on Galaxy Note 8, the report suggests. This may not be an altogether new revelation, but it does confirm a past leak. So, indeed we will witness dual cameras gracing the body of Note 8.

The past report had thrown ample light on the dual camera set-up of Galaxy Note 8 stating that one of them will be of 12 MP resolution while the other will come with a 13 MP resolution. While the former will feature wide-angle CIS supporting dual photodiodes, the latter will sport telephoto CIS, dual 6P lenses and dual OIS. With these features, the Galaxy Note 8 camera will outshine the performance of Apple iPhone 7 Plus cameras and are touted to be at par with upcoming iPhone 8 rear cameras.

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If you were wondering if this would be the first Samsung device to sport dual cameras, let us inform you that, another Samsung device dubbed as Galaxy C10 will be taking away that credit as it is likely to be released with two rear cameras earlier than Note 8 launch.

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