Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specs and design sketch leaks

All the info we need to know about Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 has been served right on to our plates. So, now what? Well, it seems the compass of leaks has been turned towards another hot Samsung device speculated to be released this year itself- the Galaxy Note 8. The release of Note 7 successor is definitely not a new revelation, we agree. But what if we say design sketch of the Galaxy Note 8 has been leaked. Now that’s what we call a refreshing change from the inundated Galaxy S8 rumors.

The new leak shows a design sketch of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 device as well as jots down a few of the specs it might feature. Out of the two, the former captured our interest as it shows what Samsung might be working on.

Clearly the minimal bezels and curved edges are the first things our eyes took in. If this turns out to be the official render of Galaxy Note 8, we couldn’t help but imagine how premium a massive 6.4 inch screen (as per the leaked specs) would look like. Unlike the Note 7, the home button on the front is missing (akin to Galaxy S8). This leads us to believe that either the fingerprint scanner will be shifted to the rear or embedded on the screen in front.

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Coming to the specsheet, as per the leak, the Galaxy Note 8 will rock Snapdragon 835 and/or an Exynos chipset. It will pack in 6GB RAM and expandable storage which can stretched upto 256GB. Further, the 6.4 inch screen will be of QHD+ quality or even 4K Super-Amoled display.

Although, the leak doesn’t speak anything about the software, we believe the Note 8 will run on Android 7.1.2 Nougat with TouchWiz. The battery on board will be 3,600 mAh battery with fast charging. Other reported features include dual camera set-up, IP 68 rating, wireless charging and of course a S-Pen Stylus.

Codenamed ‘Baikal’, after world’s deepest and massive lake in Siberia, or may be ‘Great’ (as another leak suggests), Samsung is giving us all the hints that its upcoming Note 8 will be a great device with all the bells and whistles needed to undo the fiasco and loss caused by its predecessor, Note 7.

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