Galaxy Note 8 project named after world’s deepest lake ‘Baikal’

Samsung is working on its next Note flagship which we know by the name of Galaxy Note 8. A new leak has surfaced which throws further light on the high-end premium Samsung Note device. The latest leak from a tipster named Ice Universe suggests that Samsung has code-named the Galaxy Note 8 project as Baikal.

It is interesting to note that Baikal is the name of an ancient and massive lake in the mountainous Russian region of Siberia. It is, in fact, said to be world’s deepest lake.

It would be silly to infer anything from the meaning of the lake and relate it to Note 8, as companies usually use code names only to keep things under wraps and thus may not bear any resemblance to the product.

But, just on second thought, what if it does have a reference. In that case, it could mean Samsung is working on something massive and Note 8 could well come with a large display with high resolutions. In fact, rumors are already afloat that the new Note device might sport a 4K display.

Samsung had to bit the dust with Galaxy Note 7 catching fire. The fiasco literally became too hot even for for the Korean tech giant to handle. May be that’s why the company has come up with the cool Baikal code name (it being the name of a lake in Siberia) for Note 8 as a metaphor to indicate that it is cool enough to not heat up in flames!

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