Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will carry a ‘R’ on the back [Images]

Galaxy Note 7

Only recently we got to know that the refurbished variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be called the Galaxy Note FE (Fandom Edition) and not Galaxy Note 7R. While we can’t confirm what the refurb units of Galaxy Note 7 will end up being called but, as per the latest report, there will be a considerably big ‘R’ on the back side of the phone.

This, obviously, is to differentiate the refurbished units of Galaxy Note 7 from the original ones. Perhaps, as a preventive measure. Minus the ‘R’ from the back and there are no other significant changes except for the battery capacity (a 3,200mAh battery expected).

We would like to see the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 with a better chipset. But, that’s something we don’t know for certain. Also, we had multiple reports in the past, all suggesting that the smartphone’s launch will be slightly delayed in its home turf.

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Samsung is expected to unveil the smartphone in the next month, i.e., by the end of June (possibly, late June). Although not confirmed, we expect the device to be launched in markets like Korea (of course), China, and more.

Source: Weibo

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