Refurbished Galaxy Note 7R may not launch as soon as you think

Although we’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R already being listen on online websites, it looks like the official launch could be delayed. That seems to be case in Korea, at least.

A new report from Korea states that Samsung hasn’t filed for necessary certifications and reviews that are required to sell the Note 7R in the South Korea. As per existing law, Samsung would have to get the green light from Korean Agency for Technology and Standards and the National Radio Research Agency.

Not a lot of information is available on when and where Samsung plans to sell the refurbished Galaxy Note 7R. So far, we believe that China and South Korea are two regions where the device would be sold, but a proper date isn’t known.

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Samsung could also sell the device in other regions, but actual date might not be as close as first believed. The Galaxy Note 7R is basically the same old Note 7, except that it features a smaller 3200 mAh battery and could also come with an updated Exynos chipset. It is also said to be cheaper than before.

via The Investor

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