Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 specs: 4GB RAM and Exynos 8890 processor revealed

The news around refurbished Galaxy Note 7 is heating up as its release inches closer. The device now has landed on Geekbench bearing model number SM-N935S. And thanks to the Geekbench listing, we get to see some of the specifications the Note 7R will carry.

As per the Geekbench listing, Samsung will endow refurbished Galaxy Note 7 with 4GB RAM, which was anticipated as the original model had the same memory capacity paired with 64GB native storage. So although Geekbench doesn’t mention the ROM, it is highly likely that even the refurbished Note 7 models will retain the 64GB capacity.

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The second specification revealed by Geekbench is its SoC. The Galaxy Note 7R will be powered by octa-core Exynos 8890 processor clocked at 1.59GHz which also powered the original Note 7.

However, another Geekbench listing of the refurbished Note 7 shows Exynos 8895 processor. Now this is something which caught us unawares as it leads to rumors that Samsung might equip the Note 7R with Exynos 8895, the one that powers the Galaxy S8.

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In that scenario, with the software upgraded to Android Nougat and hardware brought at par with Samsung’s flagship phone S8, the refurbished Note 7 seems to carry all the bells and whistles to make it a success this time. Not to forget, the battery on board has been reduced from 3500mAH to 3200mAH to remove the chances of it going up in flames. And the cherry on the icing is the $250 rumored reduced price of the refurbished models as compared to the original Note 7.

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