[PSA] You can unlock bootloader of your Huawei and Honor devices again for a limited time

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Ever since Huawei started entertaining unlock requests for their devices, which includes both the Huawei and Honor brands of Android devices, users haven’t been very impressed.

While Huawei never suggested about reversing the decision to disallow unlock request, it seems they listened to the growing discontent of users — may be because of the availability of Android Pie GSI ROMs — and have taken a step back — for a little period of time.

Yes, they are allowing the users of Huawei and Honor phones to get their device unlocked, but it’s not that straightforward.

This is in Huawei’s collaboration with XDA, wherein you need to request the unlock of your Huawei/Honor device via an online form, where you must also give them your XDA user ID. Yes, no kidding. So if you are not registered on XDA — and maybe not an active member — you cannot request the bootloader unlock code even today.

Interested users who want to unlock the bootloader of tier Huawei/Honor device may click the link below to request the unlock code.

Request unlock code for Huawei and Honor devices

Huawei unlock code

Should you unlock the bootloader now?

Well, if you are interested in installing the Android 9 Pie update on your Huawei or Honor device unofficially using a custom ROM, for example, the Android 9 GSI, or the LineageOS ROM, then you should.

You may want to confirm already that your device is compatible with the Android Pie ROM. If your device was released in 2017 and 2018, then it must be compatible with Android 9 ROMs. In that case, you will love your decision to unlock the bootloader of the device.

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  1. This is incorrect, they’re only allowing Honor devices, NOT Huawei

    “Yes, they are allowing the users of Huawei and Honor phones to get their device unlocked, but it’s not that straightforward”

    Only Honor at this time i’m afraid.

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