PSA: Android Pay is not working on Nexus 6 devices running March security update (N6F26U)

PSA: Android Pay is not working on Nexus 6 devices running March security update (N6F26U)

It has only been a couple of days since the March security update for the Nexus 6 with build N6F26U went live, and it seems like users are already having trouble. A bunch of Reddit users complained that Android Pay on their Nexus 6 handsets stopped working post the installation of the security update.

Redditors claim that Android Pay was working just fine on their Nexus 6 before the March security update. However, things don’t seem to be the same now. And, in case you are wondering if these users have unlocked their bootloader or have rooted their device, no they haven’t. A Redditor specifically claimed that he was able to pass the Basic Integrity test using a SafetyNet app checker but has still failed the CTS profile match check.

On the other hand, Pixel and other Nexus series smartphone users who have received and installed the March security update don’t seem to have any problem with the Android Pay.

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For those who are not in the know, the SafetyNet checker is nothing but Google’s tamper detection system for Android handsets. While it does provide its opinion about CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) compatibility status (i.e., if the device is tampered or not), it certainly doesn’t check if your handset is vulnerable to attacks.

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