[Update: 11.9.14 too] Play Store version 11.9.12 now available for download [APK]

Update [September 29]: Another new version of the Play Store APK is now available for download. Dubbed 11.9.14, this latest version of the Google Play is only a slight improvement over the one we discovered only a few hours ago. Download the new version 11.9.14 below.

Did you manually install the Google Play Store app on your Android phone? If yes, the popular app has a new version available for download. And yes, every other Android user can also grab this updated version and install it manually, including those whose devices come preinstalled with the Play Store.

In version 11.9.12, you’ll have the latest Google Play Store APK update in town. It picks up from the previous version 11.8.09 and irons out bugs and any issues found in the outgoing version. You are also getting an updated version that promises more stable performance in general, so make sure you grab the APK file below and install it on your phone.


If you don’t know how to install APK files on Android, follow this guide.

What’s new in Play Store 11.9.14 and 11.9.12?

Well, let us tell you that a new software version hardly has anything to do with new features — at least directly — as all the changes are put into effect by Google via server-side these days.

But it is still a good thought to keep your Play Store app updated to the latest version. You may still get to try a few new features before others — after all, there is a reason Google released the new version of the Play Store. And that too, two of them.

But the Play Store has been buzzing with cool new stuf of late, anyway, even on the older versions.

The often-spotted-but-never-totally-live white-ish UI is live now. See the screenshot below to get an idea of this (although you may already have it).

Google Play Store New UI

Do let us know if you need any help installing the new Play Store APK.

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