Play Protect now available for all devices on Google Mobile Services 11

Play Protect

In what seems to be an attempt to keep Android users away from malware on their phones, the search engine giant is rolling out the Play Protect to all the Android handsets that are on Google Mobile Services 11 or later.

Google introduced the Play Protect feature at the I/O conference earlier this year with the primary intention of safeguarding users from malware and fake apps on Google Play Store.

The search engine giant claims that this feature will automatically scan apps from the Play Store that have been installed on your handset. In case if it finds anything fishy, it’ll block that particular app which seems to have been compromised.

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“All Android apps undergo rigorous security testing before appearing in the Google Play Store. We vet every app developer in Google Play and suspend those who violate our policies. So even before you download an app, you know it’s been checked and approved. Then, Play Protect scans billions of apps daily to make sure that everything remains spot on,” says Google.

In addition to monitoring apps, the Play Protect feature also helps you track your device, call it, access or erase data in case you lose your handset, thanks to Find My Device which is integrated into the Play Protect.

The new service also enables a “Safe Browsing” feature on Google Chrome to keep users safe from cyber attacks or malware that attack the device will using the internet.

Via: Android Police

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