Google introduces predictive personalized feed in Google app

While social networking sites usually focus on features that are based on how others live their lives, Google in its latest development or a new feature focuses solely on YOU. Yep, You.

Google has announced a new feature for Google app that will predict and provide personalized information to users in the form of a new feed. The new personalized feed will present you with the information in a card format that Google will predict based on your use of Google services.

The concept behind this new feed is that you don’t need to search for what’s important to you, Google will make it available for you even without entering a query.

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The feed will be based on Google services such as Google search history, YouTube watch history, Google location and other activities in Chrome. Basically, as Google says, “The more you use Google, the better your feed will be”. Further, you can even follow topics that you are interested in, right from the Search results.

In case you are wondering, the cards will provide users with information like upcoming episode of their favorite TV series, a new trailer for a movie, trending stories nearby and similar other personal things.

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Google has launched the new feed experience in the U.S for iOS and Android (including the Pixel Launcher) on Google app in English. The feature will roll out globally in the coming weeks.

Source: Google 

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