OnePlus rolling out new updates for OnePlus 6 (fixes bootloader security bug) and OnePlus 5/5T (June patch)

How To Root OnePlus 6

Since launch, OnePlus 6 has received several updates that address a number of issues and add new features as well. The latest version rolling out isn’t so different from the rest, but the new flagship isn’t the only OnePlus device on the receiving end of new software updates.

In addition to updating the OnePlus 6, the company is also rolling out new updates for users of OnePlus 5 and 5T. Where the former is receiving an update that installs OxygenOS 5.1.7, the 5T is on Open Beta 10 while the standard OnePlus 5 is on Open Beta 12. Yes, it’s only the 2018 model that’s receiving a stable update while the 2017 pair is receiving beta updates.

According to the changelog, OxygenOS 5.1.7 fixes schedule setting issue for DND, bootloader security bug that had widely been reported, and other bugs and system improvements. As for those on OnePlus 5 and 5T, the new beta updates are here with the latest security patch for the month of June 2018 as well as improvements to camera clarity, optimizations to reduce the “oil painting effect” and general bug fixes and data transfer stability enhancements for the OnePlus Switch.


About a week ago, OnePlus 6 users started receiving an update that installed OxygenOS 5.1.6 but after reports of stability issues following the update for Indian users, OnePlus has paused the rollout. No, the new OxygenOS 5.1.7 isn’t the solution to your problems and in fact, the company notes that the Indian market won’t receive this version, rather, another update version 5.1.8 will be pushed out next week with a fix for the known issue as well as include all the goodies that come with version 5.1.7.

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