Official Jelly Bean update for ASUS Transformer TF101 in plans?

ASUS made a point to update all its quad-core Tegra 3 powered Android tablets to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, with the Transformer Prime and Infinity getting the update only recently, but didn’t ever officially confirm the update for the original Transformer TF101, making people think that ASUS might have decided to leave the tablet living out the remainder of its days on Android 4.0.

But there’s a silver lining somewhere in the clouds, as a U.S.-based customer service representative told an interested customer that ASUS is planning on updating the TF101 to Jelly Bean. While confirmation from customer support isn’t too often a strong source to go by, it will be great news for Transformer owners if ASUS does go ahead with the update.

ASUS has a great track record when it comes to updates to newer versions of Android for their devices, and an update to the original Transformer would only take that track record to perfection. Come now ASUS, be nice and let us know what’s going to happen to the tablet that started it all and brought you where you are today in the Android world.


  1. Hopefully and update to Jelly Bean will resolve all the long standing issue TF101 owners have had since the first update to ICS.

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