Not getting in-call audio on Treble ROMs? Here’s a fix that might help

The one prime feature that iOS has held over Android ever since the start is software deployment, which has always been universal across the Apple devices. Google has maintained the same principle across the Nexus and Pixel devices, but with dozens of Android OEMs across the spectrum, the very serious problem of software fragmentation has haunted the Mountain View company for years.

With the release of Android 8.0 Oreo, Google hopes to solve this fragmentation issue by bringing in Project Treble, which is a step closer to helping Android OEMs easily develop and deploy software updates.


This key feature has kick-started the custom ROM community once again, bringing along Project Treble ROMs that help supported devices the latest version of Android ahead of time. However, a recurring issue that has been reported on devices running Treble ROM is no in-call audio, which is pretty much a deal breaker, but we may have a possible solution coming out soon enough.

Based on the work done by XDA user linuxct, there is a possible way of working around the issue by decompiling APK files with APKTool and replacing files in the vendor partition of the device. Find it here.

All of this is quite complicated, which is why we hope that ROM developers will be able to fix this issue from their end. In the meantime, one of the tinkerers in the community by the name of Sudeep Duhoon was able to fix the no in-call audio bug by creating a patch for the Asus ZenFone Max Pro. You can simply store the file on your device and flash it using TWRP custom recovery and the in-call audio issue should be resolved. Find it here (not compatible with other devices, thoughts, sadly).

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