Nexus 9 has LED indicatior light, but it isn’t activated for notifications

Maybe we didn’t pay much attention to the Nexus 9 tech specs before, but it seems Nexus 9 has a Low Battery Indicator LED light at the bottom of screen. The setup is similar to what we’ve seen in Google’s other Nexus devices. However, the LED light is only limited to indicate low battery on the device.

I wasn’t a fan of LED notification lights, but that was before I saw Galaxy Nexus in action. The device had the best LED notification light, and to this date there hasn’t been a LED light as beautiful as our good ol’ Galaxy Nexus phone.

Anyway, we hope some custom ROM or a tiny bit MOD would be able to make low battery LED light on Nexus 9 work for notifications as well. Because, why not?

via XDA

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