New Xperia Phones to be Unveiled by Sony Ericsson in Barcelona on 13 February 2011, just before the MWC

Sony Ericsson is set to unveil its new Xperia phones on 13th February next year in Barcelona. It’s expected, at least, SE Anju and SE Zeus will be finally unveiled.

Sony Ericsson is quite fond of unveiling its super phones just before the yearly event ‘Mobile World Congress’ kicks off in Barcelona, and it’s no different next year in February too. Sony has just released invitations stamped with the 13th February, where it promises to remove covers from the “new members of the Xperia Family”.

It surely excites us a lot since we’ve already heard too much of the gamer-craved Playstation Phone SE Zeus (which might be called Xperia Play) and the beast, SE Anju/X12. We expect both the phones to come pre-equipped with android 2.3, (since we’ve already seen it running on Sony Zeus) which is brilliant from Sony, the company which struggled hell lot to upgrade its X10 to even Android 2.1.

If you still remember, — in between the recent announcements and release of Nexus and android 2.3 — rumors were floating about the December 9 announcement of the SE Zeus. But, we didn’t get to hear anything from the SE. This time though, it’s very much official and we WILL indeed see what’s in SE’s basket; and how it plans year 2011.

But February is still a long time to go and you know, patience isn’t something we’re cool with, eh. By that time, we might’ve already seen LG dual-core phenomenon called the Optimus 2X. Which also means to many of us that Sony needs to bring a dual-core phone too to impress us well. Right?

Via: Engadget

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