Is Sony PlayStation Phone (PSPhone) Coming on Dec 9?

sony ericsson playstation phone psphone

Really? It’s a bit sooner than we thought but no doubt we are all up and ready for the Sony’s PlayStation Phone, oft-called the Zeus. The pic is in fact a invitation card that translates to:

Pierre Perron and his team invite you to the most anticipated presentation of the past 10 years

Thursday, December 9

Quite interesting it is. The invitation does mentions Pierre Perron, who’s DG of Sony Ericsson France. And we must say, it was one cool way to describe a PSPhone using the Icons of the PS gamepad, and adding the phone’s icon to it (yep, first from left above).

We would love Sony to bring it before holiday season, or atleast make an announcement of the most-awaited gaming phone on android. Well, December 9 isn’t far, we can surely hold out for that. What about you?

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