Contact Sharing in iOS 17: How to Use NameDrop to Share Contact Info

What to know

  • NameDrop is a novel feature introduced in iOS 17, facilitating the exchange of contact information through a straightforward gesture. Your Contact Poster is shared with another user when you bring your iPhone near the top of someone else’s iPhone (also running iOS 17).
  • To share your contact info using NameDrop, align the top of your phone with the top of another user’s phone to swap contact information.
  • You must set up your Contact Poster first to use NameDrop on your iPhone.
  • After activating NameDrop, you can decide about sharing your info or receiving info from the other iPhone.

Apple has introduced a very quick — if not the quickest — way to share your contact information with another iPhone with NameDrop. It transforms contact sharing by allowing customization of Contact Posters with personal details, pictures, and Memojis. The feature automatically shares these posters when iPhones are nearby, easing the traditional process of inputting contact data manually. Here is all you need to know about it.

What is new in Contact Sharing in iOS 17?

Exchanging contact information has traditionally been a cumbersome process. It usually involved trading business cards, jotting down numbers, or meticulously creating a new contact on your phone, inputting a name, phone number, picture, and other details. Despite its simplicity, this process could fall short of reflecting your contact’s preferred aesthetics and other preferences.

Apple aims to transform this experience by introducing NameDrop on iOS 17. Not only does NameDrop streamline the exchange of contact information, but it also gives you the autonomy to select the phone number you want to share. Thus, if you juggle multiple numbers for various work roles and personal needs, you can conveniently share the number most relevant to the particular interaction.

What is NameDrop in iOS 17?

NameDrop unveils a novel method of swapping contact details via Contact Posters. These bespoke cards, which you can create for yourself or others, show up whenever you place calls. By incorporating various customization options like photos, Memojis, monograms, and more, you can personalize your Contact Poster to reflect your unique traits with your favorite color schemes and font styles.

When your iPhone is near the top of another user’s iPhone, NameDrop facilitates an automatic share of your poster, hence enabling a seamless exchange of contact information. This feature simplifies the process by removing the necessity to manually input details, as your contact has already customized these according to their preferences.

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How to share your contact info on iOS 17 using NameDrop

Now that you’re familiar with NameDrop, here’s how to use it on your iPhone.

Note: You need your Contact Poster to share your contact information via NameDrop. If you haven’t created your contact poster yet, you can use this guide from us to do so. Once you have created your contact poster, use the guide below to use NameDrop.

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Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone and the receiver’s iPhone. You can check and enable the same using the control center. Swipe down from the top right corner of your screen.

Now tap the Bluetooth icon in the connections module to enable the same.

We can now enable NameDrop. Open the Settings app by tapping its icon.

Now tap General.

Tap AirDrop.

Now tap and enable the toggle for Bringing Devices Together under START SHARING BY.

Next, bring your phone closer to the top of the person’s iPhone with whom you wish to exchange your contact information. A seamless animation will signify once the contact information has been shared. Here’s what it looks like on both iPhones.

You will first be shown your own contact information. Tap Receive Only if you wish to only get the other person’s contact information without sharing your own. 

Tap on the phone number under your name to choose the number you wish to share with the other user.

Now tap and choose the phone number you wish to share.

Once the other person taps Share, their contact information will be shared with you. Additionally, tap Share instead if you wish to exchange contact information.

Once both of you tap Share, your contact cards will be shared and visible on your screen. Tap Done in the top left corner to save the contact.

And that’s how you can use NameDrop to exchange contact information with someone when running iOS 17 on your iPhone.

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What happens when NameDrop is triggered while your iPhone is locked?

Your information, including your phone number and name, is blurred when NameDrop is triggered while your iPhone is locked. This helps maintain privacy and ensures that no one can access your contact information without your approval. 

We hope this post helped you easily get familiar with NameDrop and how you can use it to your advantage to share and exchange contact information with someone. If you face any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.


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