Napster update lets you find playlists from other users, as well as tag playlist for easy discovery

Once upon a time, music-streaming companies tried to do the hard work of guessing what types of songs a listener preferred. If you’ve ever wondered the rationale behind you “liking” certain songs, or why album, artist, and song searches are so important, they exist for more than just user convenience. The goal behind them is to discover what users like.

Earlier this Spring, Rhapsody International introduced a new Playlist Maker to its famous music-streaming app Napster in order to provide more customization and opportunities to engage listeners, and the company known for having one of the best music-streaming apps in all of Android is back to bring more customization to Napster where the listener becomes a playlist creator who provides the music selection for other listeners.

The new Napster update to version brings playlist searches from other users, allowing you to see what others are listening to and decide if you’re interested. You can also tag playlists to help others discover them.

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Rhapsody’s Napster service runs like most music-streaming apps on the Web: you have a trial period after which you pay a monthly fee (Google Play Music works like this).

Rhapsody wants to create a social element to music listening. The goal behind music once upon a time was for the listener to “drown everything out” when escaping to the world of the song or the performance. Now, music streaming has taken on a communal element, letting listeners engage other listeners by searching playlists that they just may find put them and fellow listeners and playlist creators on the same page.

You can grab the update over at the Play Store by way of the link below.

→ Play store link