Movies now available on Google Play Store in India

Google really is going all in with the expansion of its Google Play services in more and more markets around the world – the search giant has now rolled out the availability of movies on the Play Store in India, just two days after the Nexus 7 was launched on the store, and exactly a month after the launch of the Books service.

However, if you’re more of a fan of Bollywood movies, you’ll be disappointed for now as only Hollywood titles are available. You’ll find many of the latest movies like The Hobbit to many not-so-latest ones like 21 Jump Street or Transformers: Dark of the Moon, though even year old movies are labelled as new releases. Not the very best of collection, especially compared to iTunes, though we’ll have to keep in mind that iTunes has been around a few months longer.

Talking about iTunes, I compared the prices with Apple’s prices to Google’s, and most movies seem to cost less on Play – 21 Jump Street HD is available for Rs. 490 on Play vs. Rs. 590 on iTunes, while Battleship in HD is Rs. 40 less than iTunes at Rs. 650. Some movies can be rented, and you can buy either standard or high-definition versions of most movies, which is pretty much similar to iTunes.

The Google Play Movies and TV app has also been updated to add India to the list of supported countries, and also with a new feature that recognizes actors and displays info about them when you pause a movie, though it’s US-only for now. Still, just the fact that India is now supported make it a worthy update, features be damned.


Hit the link below to download the Movies app on your device, or the source link to browse through the online Play Store. Time to watch some films on that Android device of yours and put it to good use, eh?

Download Google Play Movies and TV

Source: Google Play