Motorola releases Android 9 Pie for Moto G6 Play unlocked variant in the US

Moto G6 Play Pie update USA

Motorola has published another page with Android 9 Pie release notes for the Moto G6 Play with the latest May 2019 security patch. This comes over a month after similar release notes went live, but with April patches.

Until today, the only Moto G6 Play that has received Android Pie in the country is from U.S. Cellular. The carrier started pushing the update mid this month, but other variants are yet to join the party. Unless we believe the latest release notes on the official Motorola U.S. support page.

With what happened last month, though, it’s hard to tell whether the Moto G6 Play is finally set to receive the update to Android Pie in the U.S. But we do hope this is it.

For your information, this is the one and only OS upgrade the G6 Play will receive during its lifetime. If you want Android Q, better switch to the Moto G7 Play that is guaranteed an upgrade to Q.


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  1. The most recent software I have is the security patch of February 2019 (I arrived two weeks ago), I hope the next update will be Pie once and for all.

  2. What about the regular G6? Ant idea of when that might drop?

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