Motorola One Action update: Android 10 released for US Unlocked variant

Over the last few years, Motorola has struggled to keep up with the big hitters in the industry, even in the software department. Since being taken over by Lenovo, software updates have slowed down, with many devices forced to wait for months to run the latest security patches.

Thankfully, the company seems to have taken the issue at hand seriously and has been pushing more and more Android One devices. Last month, Motorola added One Action to the evergrowing list, and in this section, we’ll let you know exactly how it’s faring. From the highly-anticipated Android 10 update to “boring” monthly security releases, this piece caters to all your Motorola One Action update queries. Let’s get to it.

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Motorola One Action Android 10

Will Motorola One Action get Android 10 update?

As mentioned earlier, Motorola One Action is part of the Android One program, which guarantees major Android OS updates for two years. Launched in August, Motorola One Action came with Android 9.0 Pie out of the box, meaning it is guaranteed to get Android 10 and even Android 11 (if Google doesn’t change the name).

Motorola Android 10 release news

When will Motorola One Action get Android 10?

  • April 07: Released for US Unlocked variant
  • January 16: Released in the Indian market

Motorola released the Android 10 update for the unlocked Moto One Action variant in the US on April 07, 2020. The update arrives as software version QSB30.121-12.

The update was already available in the Indian market as version QSB30.62-17 since January 16.

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Motorola One Action Update

What’s new in Android 10?

Android One devices run a pristine version of Android, without OEM-induced — often unnecessary — modifications. So, expect to see almost all of Android 10’s standout features included in the bundle. System-wide dark theme, improved Gestures Navigation, superfast Sharing Menu, Live Caption, Notification Bubbles, better Permissions management, Accent Colors and Themes, and more Android 10 goodness — prepare for an exciting transition.

Motorola One Action update timeline

Release date Software version — Changelog
08 Apr 2020 QSB30.121-12Android 10 update
22 Nov 2019 NA — December 2019 security patch announced
12 Nov 2019 NA — Maintenance and security update announced
28 Oct 2019 NA — Stability update
24 Sep 2019 NA — October 2019 security patch

Let us know if there is any help you need regarding software updates for the Motorola One Action.

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