More details on Oreo update release for Honor 7X and Honor 8 appear online

Over the recent past, lots of questions have been asked regarding the status of the Huawei Oreo update for both the Honor 7X and Honor 8. Honor’s lack of a clear schedule for software updates similar to Google’s makes the uncertainties even more pronounced. Fortunately, we have some fresh details that attempt to clear the air regarding the two phones’ Oreo updates.

While recent reports have continuously suggested that the Honor 8 Oreo update will not be rolled out, none of them has been concrete enough to eliminate any confusion surrounding the matter. Honor India attempted to set the record straight via a tweet, but the lack of a detailed explanation only made things worse. Furthermore, the tweet has since been taken down, which raises more questions than answers.

The latest development comes from Germany and although it’s not a direct communication from Huawei, the agent behind the message can be trusted. Apparently, Honor Germany says that there won’t be an Honor 8 Oreo update and instead, the phone will only receive the new EMUI 8 skin. Although this skin is based on Oreo, the Honor 8 will still be running Android Nougat even after this update.

There’s talk of a surprise in the near future regarding this matter, but we cannot guarantee that an Honor 8 Oreo update will be the surprise in question.

If you own the Honor 7X, however, there’s some good news for you. While we already knew there’s a planned Oreo update, details of the release date were scarce. But according to the same source, the Honor 7X will start getting Android Oreo in Q2 2018.

The Honor 8 Pro and Honor 9, on the other hand, will be upgraded to Android Oreo this February. Of course, these two will also receive the new EMUI 8.0 as part of the Oreo treat.

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